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A creative digital agency which focuses on web design & development, and digital marketing, thus helping our clients to improve their business.

Who We Are

Meet the people who admire pixels, flawless code and vast plains.

Our biggest asset are people – intelligent, creative, smiling individuals. We gather people with different personalities, dreams, interests, expectations, but with one same goal. Our colleagues create a specific company culture.

Rekamy is a Malaysian-based creative digital agency specialized in web design and development and improving our clients digital business. We prefer being thought of as a boutique of digital art rather than a factory which exceeds its capacity. We do not aim at mass production but approach every client with a personalized and professional side.

We are united by a vision of developing a creative playground where everything seems possible.

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Web Design

Unique web design solutions made with love and in accordance with the newest technologies.

Rekamy is a full-service, interactive agency offering innovative web design & development solutions which move the boundaries. Our sophisticated approach to the development of digital experiences exceeds all expectations.

Web Development

We devote our undivided attention to writing every line of code, which is a proof of a well-defined methodology and impeccable reasoning.

Somewhere in between the Swiss watch and poetry, development is a vocation which generates quality websites, modern webshops, and unique web platforms. By using cutting-edge technologies, our programmers constantly develop their skills and follow modern web trends.

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Digital Marketing

We can help you build brand authority and visibility. You are only one click away from your target audience.

Our clients are one step ahead of their competitors because our digital marketing services help them empower their brands.

A comprehensive strategy which defines your online presence. Earn the highest positions in the SERP, bring more traffic to your website, give value to your followers and convert them into happy customers.

Our Portfolio

An awesome project has been finished.

We worked passionately to impress our potential clients by paying attention to every little detail. We hope we will tickle your imagination and encourage you to cooperate with us.



TICINO PARIS has been making own mark by combining our vision and tender sensibility towards the details of luxury with an indulgent sense of nostalgia, ever since launch. 

Aito Firework

Aito Firework

Aito Firework  is a professional Malaysian company, leading as a fire protection company in Malaysia through years of experience and expertise in fire protection industry.

Panorama Langkawi

Panorama Langkawi

system manage




Our expertise in designing unique instant scarf and a variety of modern styles for career women and young mothers appear to be more attractive and stylish.

Mobile App

Virtual Lifestyle

Virtual Lifestyle Management Application aims to help Malaysians have an application that lets them manage a healthy lifestyle. The application aims to give its users a platform that helps plan, track, and guide the users on a balanced healthy lifestyle
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We believe that a true partnership is a two-way street, built on a foundation of trust and respect for one another’s expertise.

Creativity and innovation are about finding unexpected solutions to obvious problems or finding obvious solutions to unexpected problems.


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We provide the best customer service to our clients and never leave our clients hanging when they have any queries during and after the project.
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A creative digital agency which focuses on design, development, and digital marketing, thus helping our clients to improve their business.

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